Expert tips from our man and van service in Bromley

Expert tips from our man and van service in Bromley


How to ensure your house or office move in Bromley is successful


Moving home or office, student moves, removing waste, packing and unpacking, single item collection and drop off, all come with their own unique issues and complications, ensuring you have an effective moving process can save you time and money. When using man and van services in Bromley clients can often come across unreliable man and van services that don’t turn up or cancel at the last minute, this can add extra frustration to an already difficult process and can often cost you more money booking same day man and van services as a result of receiving a poor service.

If you’re moving home or office you should hire a man and van team to provide your home or office move for you. Lifting heavy items comes with a great deal of issues and can result in personal injuries if your not experienced in picking up large, heavy items. Driving a large vehicle that is heavier than usual due to being full of your items can be very dangerous if you’re not an experienced driver.

Bromley is a large town with a high demand for man and van services so the lack of availability for man and van services in Bromley could result in high man and van prices which is not beneficial for clients looking for affordable man and van services in Bromley.

Man and van Bromley aim to always provide the most competitive man and van prices in Bromley to ensure that people who need a reliable man and van service in Bromley will always be able to access a man and van, even at a last minutes notice.


Plan to ensure your move is successful


Pre – move assessment

If you live in a large house and have a lot of items to move, you’d benefit from having a pre-move assessment from the man and van service you want to use, this will help the man and van service to ensure they haven’t missed any of your requirements and that the chances of any major issues arising on the day you need to move are minimised. If you’d like to have a pre-move assessment to determine your specific requirements for your home or office move then contact man and van Bromley today and we’d be happy to assist you.


Booking ahead of time

If you want to get the best price for any man and van service in Bromley, booking ahead of time is vital to ensure you can get the slot you want, many man and van services are overbooked so booking at the last minute can be a great detriment if you’re trying to get the most cost effective man and van service.


Throw out unwanted or unneeded items

Getting rid of your old items you are not going to use or no longer want can greatly reduce the cost of using a man and van service in Bromley. Throwing out your old items means your house or office move requirements will be more simple and the cost for the overall move will therefore be lower.


Packing and Unpacking


Organising and labelling your items

Ensuring you organise and label your boxes clearly can seem like a daunting task however this can save you a great deal of time when unpacking your items. It’s important that you think about your unpacking process when packing so the entire moving process is much easier for you. Using bubblewrap to protect delicate items that are easy to damage is advised to ensure you don’t break any personal items.


Using your space efficiently

Use your space efficiently to ensure you can pack everything you need into the van, throw away items you no longer need and try and box as many small items as you can to maximise the use of the space you have available.


So remember to use a reliable man and van company, book a pre-move assessment for larger house or office moves, organise yourself and book way ahead of time to ensure your house move is successful.


About Man and Van Bromley

Man and van Bromley provide reliable man and van services in Bromley for people that need to move house or office or simple dispose of unwanted waste. If you require a man and van service you can rely on to get the job done then please contact us today for a quick man and van quote.

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